Street names Radboud Campus

The streets and paths on the Radboud University campus are named after prominent students, PhD candidates and academics. These street names are used to honour those who have made a difference to our university, and to our contemporary society.

New street names from the middle of 2023 onwards

In mid-2023, some of the paths on the Radboud campus will be given new names in honour of former students and PhD candidates.

More about the new names of our campus streets and paths

Douwine Norelpad
First female PhD candidate of Medicine (1909-2000)

Rein van der Veldepad
First PhD candidate of Radboud University (1894-1982)

Fritz Polakpad
Law student and Holocaust victim (1917-1943)

M.F. da Costa Gomezpad
Law student and Antillean politician (1907-1966)

Gerard Leckiepad
Psychology student and victim of the December killings (1943-1982)

Ida Groenewoutpad 
Archaeology student and active member of the Protestant Students Club (1909-1999)

Boukje en Roos-pad
Art History students who were killed during a field trip (1978-2001 and 1977-2001)

Thea Ivenspad
Law student and Carolus Magnus board member (1906-1997)

Existings street names

Humanist scholar (c. 1469-1536)

Greek philosopher and writer (427-347 B. C.) 

Geert Grooteplein Noord
Preacher and founder of Modern Devotion (1340-1384)

René Descartesdreef
French mathematician and philosopher and founder of modern philosophy (1596-1650)

German psychologist, psychiatrist, physiologist and philosopher who introduced the concept of experimental psychology (1832-1920)

Czech theologian and educationalist (1592-1670)

Italian educationalist (1870-1952)

Thomas van Aquinostraat
Italian saint and Dominican Doctor of the Church who was canonised in 1323 (1225-1274)

Dutch archaeologist and museum director (1873-1951)

Willem Nuyenslaan
Provincial doctor and historian who fought for Catholic emancipation (1823-1894)

Daniel Heinsiuslaan
Dutch philologist, historian and poet (1580-1655)

French scholar/philologist (1540-1609)

Marsilius van Inghenpad
Philosopher and theologian from Nijmegen (c. 1330-1396)

Lawyer and chancellor of Gelderland (1519-1598) 

Philosophical anthropologist, psychologist and physiologist (1887-1974)

Classical philosopher, known for his Ethics (1632-1677)

Pieter Rabuspad
Dutch publicist and scholar who edited the first Dutch literary journal (1660-1702)

Gerard Disveldpad
Campus groundskeeper of Radboud University (1928-2002)

Anna Maria van Schurmanpad
Humanist scholar, poet and artist (1607-1678)

Flemish cartographer (1512-1594) 

Max Weberpad
German sociologist and historian (1864-1920)

Pieter Bondamplein
Lawyer, professor and founder of constitutional law (1727-1800)

Humanist scholar (c. 1469-1536)

First Dutch humanist of European stature (1443-1485)

German geographer and one of the founders of physical geography (1622 - 1650)

Bishop (c. 850-917)