Strategic themes

The key strategic areas of our strategy: A significant impact

Our university wants to contribute to a free and healthy world with equal opportunities for all and to make a significant impact on a regional and an international level. That is the key message of our A Significant Impact strategy.

In order to promote certain themes within the strategy, we are working with various programmes and initiatives that offer incentives and capacity for change.

Image of the strategic them innovation in learning

Learning and innovating

Education takes shape when we try new things, see how they work, and then investigate and learn from them. This is how we make our contribution.

Radboud University's Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre aims to facilitate and stimulate meeting, inspiration, and collaboration between educators in order to mutually strengthen the quality of education. It focuses on three core activities: educational development and innovation, continuing development of lecturers, and researching scientific education and learning. Read more about Learning and innovating.

image of the strategic theme life long learning

Lifelong development

In order to keep up with progress in a world that keeps asking new questions, you must continue to work on your development even after your studies.

During their studies, our students also learn how to continue developing their knowledge and skills in a way that best suits them. Graduating does not mean that you are ‘done’. You can keep developing throughout your life. We lay the foundation for this during our Bachelor's and Master's programmes. And we offer a wide range of opportunities to continue learning through Radboud Academy.

Image of the strategic theme sustainability


When we constantly ask the world for more, it is our duty to leave that world better than we found it.

Sustainability plays an important role in education, research, and management. Students encounter sustainability issues during their degree programme. The campus is becoming more sustainable. We also want to contribute to the United Nations' sustainable development goals, in part through our research. Read more about a sustainable Radboud.

Image of the strategic theme Open Science

Open Science

Publicly funded research is meant to contribute to society and should be as publicly accessible as possible. Open access publishing as well as making research data available are in keeping with our social responsibility.

Open Science not only concerns open access and publications, but also the reuse and storage of data. We support our researchers in this. Our ambition with regard to Research Data Management is that the data associated with all publications are retrievable, accessible, processable, and reusable. Findability, accessibility, and the associated infrastructure and support will be the focus of our research data management programme in the years to come. In doing so, we want to play a significant role both nationally and internationally.

Image of the strategic theme interdisciplinary research


Modern-day challenges are more complex and dynamic than ever before. In all cases, collaboration between a number of disciplines is required to devise sustainable and effective solutions. When disciplines overlap, brainpower is created.

We are a versatile university and offer a dynamic range of research focal points on our compact campus. This versatility and small scale offers opportunities for collaboration. Master's students are not only educated on their own subject, but also learn to deal with issues that require a broader view. We encourage cross-disciplinary research in which students are involved as much as possible.

Image of the strategic theme language

Skilled in languages

The nuance in how you write or say something and how precisely you formulate your message matters. Language is an expression of your capacity for thought and therefore a foundation of science and education. Being able to communicate the heart of your message in a common language means being able to inspire people as well as opening and connecting worlds.

Our students are trained in strong communication skills in preparation for the job market. We are a multilingual university and support staff and students in this respect, for instance by providing language tests and training in order to achieve and maintain the required level of proficiency. Read more about Skilled in languages.

Image of the strategic theme European alliances

European alliances

The world is facing enormous challenges that call for transitions on a global scale. Europe can lead the way, but we will only succeed if we cooperate closely and break down barriers. Teamscience is at the heart of finding solutions and we can contribute by being a strategic partner for the best. With our common values, we share a collective responsibility to achieve a significant impact.

Image of the strategic theme diversity

Imprinting change

Radboud University advocates for change. We embrace more diversity, equality and inclusion. Let us make an imprint that is a legacy that we can all be proud of. We are all responsible for this change. Read more about diversity, equity and inclusion.

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