There are numerous networks that play their part in making Radboud University an inclusive and save environment for all students and staff.

DEI Office

The DEI office's mission is to lead, facilitate, guide, encourage, and support all levels of the organization to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion objectives through collaboration and insightful planning.

In September 2020, Rona Jualla van Oudenhoven was appointed Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) at Radboud University. Developing and implementing a university-wide strategy to create an equitable campus is the primary task of the DEI team. Along with students, DEI ambassadors, and representatives from multiple faculties, the DEI office facilitates its vision of embedding DEI in Radboud’s organizational culture and strives for a more inclusive and socially just Radboud University campus and society.


The DEI Office consists of the following members:

DEI ambassadors

DEI Ambassadors

DEI Ambassadors promote and advocate for DEI inside the organization. The DEI Ambassadors seek to raise awareness of diversity, equality, and inclusion concerns and foster a more welcoming community for people of different backgrounds and perspectives. They may take on different roles depending on the needs of the community they are representing.