Goals and ambitions

The DEI office's mission is to lead, facilitate, guide, encourage, and support all levels of the organization to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion objectives through collaboration and insightful planning.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Plan 

This Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) 2021-2025 of Radboud University reflects conversations and the contributions of the staff, the students and our social partners. In keeping with Radboud's emancipatory roots, the focus is on care for each other and the world around us. The plan shows how DEI acts as a starting point for education, research, and impact. It describes DEI-focused actions through which Radboud University aims to form an open and inspiring community, with opportunities for everyone and space for new forms of thinking, learning and working.

A DEI manifesto has been compiled in addition to the DEI plan. The manifesto includes tips and conditions on how to make your own contribution. 

To learn more about the strategic plan and the manifesto, the DEI Office developed an interactive game.

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DEI plan


Gender Equality

In keeping with Radbouds proud history of emancipatory activities and the awareness of needing to do more, The Gender Equity Plan summarizes existing and planned interventions for gender equality at Radboud University for 2021-2025. The Plan aligns with the University’s general strategy A Significant Impact. This living document was developed by the Chief Diversity Officer and Research and Impact division. The plan considers the input from various stakeholders and is endorsed by the Executive Board.