For DEI to flourish at Radboud University, contributions from all of us are necessary. Radboud University's mission is to promote, through education and research, the values of connectedness, curiosity, and reflection. The following resources are a carefully curated collection that reflect these values.

Tackling discrimination and harassment modules

If you’ve ever asked yourself if you can spot harassment or hate crimes, wondered how it may impact the individual or questioned how you would respond in such a situation? The interactive modules “Being an Active Bystander” and “Responding to Disclosures” help you gain insight into these topics and walk you through situations that equip you with practical tools.

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Inclusive communication skills

People thrive when they are allowed to be themselves in all their diversity. This is possible in an organization where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Inclusive communication is about differences as well as similarities: about the skills needed to work together safely and pleasantly. That's why Radboud In'to Languages organizes inclusive communication courses.

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Online DEI training

On the learning platform gROW you can find all kinds of courses and trainings for Staff, including:

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Online lectures

The DEI Office regularly cooperates with Radboud Reflects to organize lectures on diversity, equity and inclusion. You can watch back all the lectures, for example the interview with author Thomas Chatterton Williams and chief diversity officer Rona Jualla van Oudenhoven.

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