A cartoon image of someone whispering 'Language says it all' into the ear of another person.
A cartoon image of someone whispering 'Language says it all' into the ear of another person.

Language proficiency

The nuance of how you write or say something, how precisely you phrase it, matters. Language is an expression of brainpower and thus an important foundation for science and education. Those who know how to get to the heart of things in a common language can inspire people, open worlds and connect them.

Language proficiency and inclusivitity

Radboud University strives to be an open and inclusive community, where everyone working or studying at our university feels at home and safe. Language skills play an important role in this. Both students and staff should become aware of intercultural differences and be able to adjust their communication accordingly.

Working on your language proficiency as a student

Every student who starts out at Radboud University, must take a diagnostic language assessment (RADAr) in the language of the bachelor programme they will attend. The assessment gives students insight into their academic language proficiency, and makes students aware of the importance of a good language proficiency to complete their university study. If students receive a low score on their assessment, they

Elke student die aan de Radboud Universiteit start, moet een diagnostische taaltoets (RADAr) afleggen in de taal waarin zij hun bacheloropleiding zullen volgen. De toets geeft de studenten inzicht in hun academische taalvaardigheid en maakt studenten bewust van het belang van een goede taalvaardigheid voor het succesvol doorlopen van een universitaire studie. Als studenten een lage score behalen op de toets, they can follow a remedial programme at the very beginning of their studies to improve their academic language proficiency.

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The Write Space for students

Learn to write great texts

Learn to write great texts
Iemand is aan het werk op z'n laptop en schrijft met pen op papier.

Radboud Writing Lab

Writing help and advice

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Working on your language proficiency as a lecturer

By 2025, Radboud University wants to be an internationally orientated, intercultural and multilingual institution of knowledge. The way we handle multilingualism at Radboud University is defined in the language conventions. The conventions state that employees are expected to be proficient in English at a minimum C2 level. Employees of Radboud University and the Radboudumc can take English and Dutch courses to achieve this level. This is free of charge with the help of the language policy discount scheme.

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Learn to give feedback online

Learn to give feedback online
Tweejarige Educatieve Master Engels

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Courses for employees

Courses for employees

Language news

Oude man spits oren

Investigating turntaking in conversations with Parkinson's and hearing impairment

We have conversations with each other all day long, but not everyone takes this for granted. Linguist Esther Janse is researching turn-taking in conversations with people with Parkinson's disease and hearing impairment.


Papiamentu should be a structural part of reading instruction on ABC islands

Melissa van der Elst-Koeiman studied the bilingual reading development of children in the senior years of primary school on the islands. “It is important to use Papiamentu to teach reading in primary education.”


Grey's Anatomy or Me Before You helps in coping with death

People actively engaging with death, for instance by reading about it, and then watching a film where that subject is central, learn to deal with death better. This is shown by research by Enny Das and Anneke de Graaf from Radboud University.


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