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Radboud Duurzaamheid


A world that is buckling under the weight of our demands needs people who leave the planet better than they found it. At Radboud University, we believe that everyone has a role to play in this. That is why we prepare our students to make a difference in their field of study, why we conduct research on pressing societal issues, why we choose to work with sustainable partners, and why we ensure that all our employees contribute to the organisation’s sustainability goals through their work. The world needs you.

Sustainability news

Radboud conference on Earth System Governance

The Nijmegen Agenda creates research space for suppressed voices

The Nijmegen Agenda is the outcome of the annual Earth System Governance conference. 'Researchers usually have informative discussions at such conferences, but we were aiming for a much more lasting outcome,' says Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers.


Nijmegen region at the forefront of nappy recycling

“This is a great example of the gains you can achieve when knowledge institutions join forces with the industry.” So says Sjors Witjes, Associate Professor of Corporate Sustainability Strategies at Radboud University.

Studiecentrum Radboudumc

“Sustainability deserves a permanent place in the medical curriculum”

Given the close relationship between environment and health, sustainability deserves much more attention in Nijmegen's medical curriculum. That is the belief of the students behind the Green Health Week at the Medicine Faculty.

Studenten Natuurkunde


Sustainability education for every student, a comprehensive range of courses for anyone who is interested.

Researcher at greenhouse


Understanding and solving complex issues through interdisciplinary collaboration.

The GoLo Coolbike on campus


On our green campus, we put our ambitious sustainability plans into practice.

Groep studenten


We are committed to the well-being and growth of our students and staff.


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