‘An inviting place to study, meet and collaborate’

Studying, meeting and collaborating

The Radboud University campus plays a key role in our ambitions for personal education and interdisciplinary research. Our campus is an inviting place to study, meet and collaborate. These activities are supported by our technical and infrastructure facilities, which are state-of-the-art to provide optimum support for teaching and research. We consider the needs of our students and staff in the design of the campus.

The campus is first and foremost a place where students and staff come together, work, collaborate and relax. It is also a place where the university and society can come together: our university stands at the centre of society. So too does our ‘digital campus’, where we facilitate online teaching, research, knowledge sharing and encounters through accessible, stable and user-friendly technological and infrastructure facilities that are in line with the needs of our researchers, teachers, support staff and students.

Transforming our campus

We are transforming our campus into an accessible knowledge district in the city and region. It will be a green and dynamic area with flexible opportunities for development, where a range of activities, ways of living, cultures and sports can take place alongside teaching and research. We stimulate initiatives that enliven the campus and strengthen our relationship with the city of Nijmegen and the region. This means a greater blending of functions and a campus that is also alive in the evening. These changes will help to break through the traditional monoculture of teaching and research on the Heyendaal campus. We are working on this together with the municipality, province, Radboud university medical center and other partners. Together, we are also tackling the challenges of mobility and road safety, with a view to making the campus as green and safe as possible.

Our facilities are optimally designed to support teaching and research and to facilitate excellent business operations. To the best of our ability, we will apply the knowledge available in our faculties.

A photo of the Radboud University campus in autumn

Much more than a place to study

For our students, the campus is much more than just a place to study. Students take an active part in extra-curricular activities – as members of boards and participational bodies, in cultural and sporting activities. They want to be part of the organising process. We give them an opportunity to do so and we support this endeavour, in the conviction that it will have a positive impact on their development and well-being. Our campus will benefit from this as well. Our facilities are designed with this in mind.

Improving sustainability

We are committed to improving sustainability on campus. This involves working closely together with Radboud university medical center. We aspire towards a green and healthy campus with a positive impact in terms of climate and creating a circular economy. We are leaders in this field, making the best possible use of existing facilities. We use modern tools and make use of our ‘smart campus’ as a ‘living lab’: a place where we experiment and encourage innovation on themes such as sustainability and social safety. Radboud University wishes to contribute to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all. It begins right here on our own campus.

‘For our students, the campus is much more than just a place to study’

Groep studenten op de campus