‘Our range of disciplines allows us to help find answers to a broad spectrum of issues facing society’

Meaningful teaching and research

The teaching and research at Radboud University are meaningful, not just for our own students and staff but also for the world around us. We are working on a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all. Together with our social partners and other knowledge institutions, we are committed to tackling the challenges facing our society. We look for answers, solutions and the added value to society that our teaching and research bring. Our range of disciplines allows us to help find answers to a broad spectrum of issues facing society, ranging from health, climate, well-being and arts & culture to safety and the way society is organised. Our teaching and research are meaningful, both internationally and for our immediate environment.

At the heart of society. We show what we have to offer.

International alliances

Together with our partners – including the Universities of the Netherlands (UNL) and The Guild, a network of European universities – we are committed to collaboration at the national, European and international levels. Radboud University enters into international and regional strategic alliances, based on our view that cooperation should be a structural and valuable investment. Our partnerships are characterised by quality and reciprocity, with ethical considerations playing a role in our choice of partnerships.

Enterprising in the wider region

As a university, we are positioned at the heart of society. Our immediate environment – city, province and border region – is home to many companies, educational institutions and other institutions and organisations with whom we enter into or build on meaningful relationships. It is at this interface between government, industry, civil society and other knowledge and educational institutions that collaboration generates perfect opportunities. We actively seek out questions from our environment to which we as a university can respond.

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Visibility is key

We encourage enterprise among our students and staff via start-ups. We work to make our research visible to a wide audience and we play an active role in the public discourse. We strive to make our rich heritage visible and publicly accessible. At the same time, as academics we follow developments within society with a critical eye: identifying social developments is an inalienable task of academia.

Caring for the future. Our task is to train new generations.

Alumni are important ambassadors

Alongside our collaboration partners, alumni are our chief ambassadors and we maintain good relations with them. We offer lectures, share articles and provide other opportunities for them to broaden their knowledge and keep in touch with the university. In so doing, we give our alumni an opportunity to continue to develop. Alumni are also an important source of feedback about the direction in which university should go. We therefore involve them in curriculum development, information about the choice of study programme and careers, guest lectures and fundraising.

Impact on primary and secondary education

We have a social responsibility to train new generations of teachers. In view of the acute teacher shortage, this mandate has a major impact. Radboud University provides modules and programmes for different groups of prospective teachers to ensure an adequate supply of academically trained primary and secondary school teachers for the region. These teachers are able to reflect on how education should be organised to ensure that pupils and students learn to think critically and can develop fully to become creative and enterprising citizens. We also make a direct contribution, via the Radboud University Science Education Hub and Radboud Pre-University College, to promoting curiosity and an inquiring attitude among children and young people in primary and secondary schools.