Coronavirus information

All activities on campus have been resumed. No additional measures and precautions are effective in regards to the coronavirus, which is in accordance with government and RIVM guidelines. Now that we are physically meeting each other again, it is important to continue to be considerate of each other. Following the basic advice to prevent the spread of the virus remains a wise thing to do.

Tips to prevent Covid-19
Tips to prevent Covid-19

Any symptoms? 

If you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms or have been in contact with someone who is suspected of being infected, please follow the government guidelines.


Education currently takes place physically on campus. Online education no longer substitutes the regular curriculum. Lecture recordings are shared with limited availability. If you have a problem, questions, or don't feel safe coming to campus?  Please contact the study advisor of your programme. 


Radboud University applies a hybrid work model, meaning employees work on-campus, with some availability to work from home. The advice for employees to work from home has been retracted. Are there personal circumstances that affect your work, or do you have questions? If so, don't hesitate to talk to your supervisor. Talking about your work and (mental) health is important, not just in times of corona.

Self testing

Doing a self test is still a wise thing to do if you have any symptoms. Self test are widely available in drug stores and supermarkets. Radboud University currently doesn't provide free self test.

Any questions?

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