Executive board columns

Every month, a member of the executive board writes a column about a matter that they wish to address.


  • Oorlog - Column Daniël Wigboldus

    Differences between universities - Column Daniël Wigboldus

    The power of the Dutch universities lies in their differences, and the way in which they, despite and thanks to these differences, work together to reach and remain in the international top.

  • Het goede, het kwade en het mooie - Column Han van Krieken

    Your university studies are not an individual activity - column Han van Krieken

    Het is natuurlijk best een uitdaging om bestuurder te worden, je krijgt een behoorlijke verantwoordelijkheid. Voor een deel weet je wat je te wachten staat, maar voor een deel ook niet. Dat gold ook voor mij toen ik rector werd.

  • Daniel Wigboldus

    Recognition and rewards - Column Daniël Wigboldus

    Do we adequately reward commitment and qualities related to education, impact, collaboration, supervision and support tasks? Given that we do so many things, why do recognition and promotion seem to mainly come down to research performance?

  • Counting to ten - Column Han van Krieken

    According to many parents, when you are angry, you should count to ten before you respond. How much and how quickly people respond, via email, social media, classic media. Could the 10-count rule work there?

  • War - Column Daniël Wigboldus

    As Radboud University, we support all those who are working to prevent further escalation and further violence. We also want to offer assistance where we can to all students and staff associated with our university.

  • We - Column Agnes Muskens

    In the past few weeks it has become clear to me that the following words are in any case characteristic of our university: openness, professionalism, pride in the university, greatness, freedom in scientific research and education, diversity.

  • Fate, trust and opportunities - Column Han van Krieken

    How often does it happen that around the turn of the year we think that the new year will bring positive changes? That we will do things differently, even better. However, that positivity often fades away quickly in the first few days of the year.