Opening Academic Year 2023 - 2024: significance

The Opening of the Academic Year is a gathering for all staff and students to inspire the start of the new academic year. The programme of this opening of the academic year is inspired by the theme 'significance'.

The programme

During the Opening of the Academic Year, we look ahead to the new year. Inspired by the theme 'significance', there will be various contributions and in addition, the University Study Awards, the Student Award and the Radboud University Medal will be awarded.


Student Big Band Nijmegen
Nijmeegs Studentenkoor Alphons Diepenbrock

Performance by the Nijmegen Student Orchestra
Ernst Kuipers

Ernst Kuipers

Ernst Kuipers is outgoing Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport in the Rutte IV cabinet. He serves in the cabinet on behalf of D66 and is a former professor and non-practicing physician. 

Kuipers studied medicine at the University of Groningen. He then trained as an internist at the Deventer Hospital and the UMCG. The VUmc then trained him as an MDL physician; he also obtained his doctorate here on the genesis of stomach cancer.

Student speaker Guyana Zijl

Portretfoto Guyana Zijl

Guyana Zijl (31) studies Religion, Politics and Society and participates in the Radboud Honors Academy. Before coming to Radboud University, she studied theology at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences.

Besides her studies, she gives lectures, workshops and works in a

bookstore, where she can combine her two passions - books and connection. Previously, she was a trainee spiritual caregiver with people who are homeless in Amsterdam. All this from the so-called "presence approach," with a good dose of patience where necessary, compassion where pleasant and humor where necessary.

Poetry contribution Derk Wijkamp

Derk Wijkamp is a fifth-year student who will begin his master's degree in Philosophy, Politics & Society at Radboud University next year. In the past four years, he has done the bachelors in Public Administration and Philosophy. Besides studying, he has worked hard in the University Student Council for a vibrant and


convivial campus from his role as Political Commissioner of Culture On Campus. He has also been the Campus Poet in the past and in that capacity has had the opportunity to perform at many wonderful venues and write poems for many occasions.

Student Derk Wijkamp draagt voor uit een boek
Suzanne Voets
Anke van der Meer, 2021

Pianist Suzanne Voets

Suzanne Voets studied Dutch Language and Culture at Radboud University, combined with quite a few courses in Art History. In these two studies she was able to find her love and enthusiasm for nineteenth-century literature and art.

In music, too, she feels most connected to compositions from that century, such as those of Franz Schubert. His third Impromptu for piano is a gem of Romantic music history, in which a finely honed and serene mood lurks, which especially easily draws the attentive ear.

Practical information

The meeting will take place on Monday 4 September in De Vereeniging concert hall. The ceremony will start at 14.00 and last until approximately 15.30. There will be no Live Stream this year.


De Vereeniging
Keizer Karelplein 2D
6511 NC Nijmegen