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The Education Days

In our rapidly changing society and unstable world, the question of how and for what we educate our youth arises. Do you ever ponder these questions? With the event The Education Days (20 to 23 March 2023) Radboud University, Radboudumc, HAN University of Applied Sciences and ROC Nijmegen offer an opportunity to think about the education of today and tomorrow.

Barbara van Riel, een witte vrouw met oranje haar, legt iets uit voor een whiteboard.

Teaching today for tomorrow

With the theme Teaching today for tomorrow, we want to help teachers get a grip on the many developments in our society and in education. We highlight the theme through four perspectives:

  • The teacher as an eternal student (teacher).
  • The student as a colleague (students)
  • Trending topics (education).
  • Lost in transition (society).

Target audience

All education professionals at Radboud University, HAN University of Applied Sciences, the Radboudumc, and ROC Nijmegen are invited to attend The Education Days. Students with a study background in learning and education are also more than welcome to join.

Participation is free of charge for employees and students, and the programme will be available for Dutch-speaking as well as English-speaking participants.


December: Save the date

We will send out an advance notice via e-mail to the institutions in December.

January: Invite

From mid-January, people can register for the event and its activities.

March: The Education Days

For four days, there is a stimulating and inspiring programme for and by teachers.


Jan Bransen

Jan Bransen

Jan Bransen is the Academic Leader of the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre and professor in the Philosophy of Behavioural Sciences. Under the title Virtuous Ignorance, he will eulogise the teacher who remains an eternal student, who continues to develop and who, like Socrates, knows how to make a virtue of not knowing either.

Lisa Westerveld

Lisa Westerveld

Lisa Westerveld is a member of the Dutch House of Representatives on behalf of GroenLinks, and has education and youth care in her portfolio, among other things. She is a Radboud University alumnus and studied philosophy. During The Education Days, Lisa will highlight the theme Teaching today for tomorrow from the perspective of society in relation to education.

Everyone wants young people to have the best education. And for the youth to get help when they need it. But still, young people, parents, and professionals are affected by all sorts of bureaucratic barriers that were actually designed to facilitate growth and development. The results: young people falling off the radar and professionals who are quitting because they can not do their work properly. How is it possible that systems that are meant to do good, turn out so different? And how can a different way of politics change this?

Eva Beltman

Eva Beltman

Eva Beltman is a sociologist and business expert and works as a trendwatcher at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. From her role, she identifies and analyses trends in our society that may affect education and young people. She advises educators and administrators on how to respond. During her keynote 'Future fit', Eva will continue to interpret some impactful transitions and make a connection to how we can respond to them with and in our education.

Een portretfoto van Linda Frietman

Linda Frietman

Linda Frietman graduated in college-level Management and Organisation, and is CEO and founder of iamprogrez. She is also the founder and Chief Imagineer of Minecraft Education Skill Builder.

During her keynote, Frietman will explore the lightning-fast changes on the job market and digital transformations at companies. Companies increasingly and more explicitly look at soft skills and competences instead of degrees. How can education capitalise on this and where does the innovation lie?

Contact us

The Education Days are organised by the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre, the Radboudumc, HAN University of Applied Sciences and ROC Nijmegen.

Would you like to know more about The Education Days or do you have a good idea? Please do not hesitate to contact us.