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The Education Days

In our rapidly changing society and unstable world, the question of how and for what we educate our youth arises. Do you ever ponder these questions? With the event The Education Days (18 to 21 March 2024) Radboud University, Radboudumc, HAN University of Applied Sciences and ROC Nijmegen offer an opportunity to all education professionals to think about the education of today and tomorrow. Students with educational backgrounds are also welcome.

Programme 2024

Theme: Moving together towards the future

Every morning, several workshops are organised with a strong focus on didactics. Every afternoon there is a conference to go into depth with each other and focus on specific themes. The conference opens with a joint lunch and a stimulating warm-up. After this, you can participate in various activities such as lectures and workshops. The day ends with a cooling down and third half (drinks). Between the workshops, there will be plenty of time to change locations and network. This is how we move together towards the future!

  • A draw for students: Monday afternoon on the campus of ROC Nijmegen. Focusing on inclusive education, internship discrimination, student well being. 
  • Society as a playing field: Tuesday afternoon on the campus of Radboud University. With topics such as sustainability, citizenship and inclusion. 
  • Digifit in education: Wednesday afternoon at Radboudumc Experience Centre. With topics such as AI in education, open education and Extended Reality. 
  • Teachers in balance and in motion: Thursday afternoon on the campus of HAN University of Applied Sciences. Focusing on intervision, art and teacher development. The Education Days conclude with an education dinner at ROC Nijmegen.

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Workshop hosts speak up

It is imperative that young people already learn to look beyond their own borders and cooperate with other educational institutions during their education
Marit Rensink
Marit Rensink Coördinator at Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre Read Marit's story
Current students need more variety in lectures. Hackaton offers opportunity to increase student engagement
Nanne Migchels
Nanne Migchels Professor Marketing Read Nanne's story
We want to show how to weave game concepts into your teaching and help you as a teacher get started with it
Mark Graner
Mark Graner Educational Design & Technology at Education Support Read Mark's story
Developing agility requires a different role and a new way of guiding teachers. After all, you are no longer the only expert when working on complex issues.
Wietske en Tanja
Wietske Kuijer - Siebelink en Tanja Tankink Wietske is lecturer in responsive vocational education and researcher at Radboudumc and Tanja is senior educational advisor at HAN Read Wietske's story
Rutger van den Berg

Keynote Rutger van den Berg

How do young people view social issues? 

Researcher and consultant Rutger van den Berg works at Youngworks and has been researching youth trends and youth culture for over 11 years. He is particularly interested in the interaction between young people and adults, because do we still understand each other? In his keynote, he gives an insight into the world of young people and their motivations. Based on research at Radboud University, he shows that young people deal with the climate crisis in very different ways.

Keynote Tuesday 19 March, 12:30 - 1:15 PM, Theater Hall C (Heyendaalseweg 141)

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Nils Roemen

Keynote Nils Roemen

The power of human contact

Nils Roemen is also one of the guest speakers. He is fascinated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and lets you experience that nothing will be the same anymore with its rise. In his keynote, he explains how AI is taking over our existing working practices and will render our education useless. There is no going back. Unless we start using our unique human attributes to their full potential.

Wednesday 20 March, 12.15 AM - 1.00 PM, Radboudumc Experience Centre (Geert Grooteplein Noord 15)

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Participant's experience

In this video, participants tell about their experience during the Education Days and what the activities and conversations can bring you.

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The Education Days are organised by the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre, the Radboudumc, HAN University of Applied Sciences and ROC Nijmegen. Would you like to know more about The Education Days or do you have a good idea? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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