Koen van den Oever on getting to know new methods of learning during The Education Days

Koen van den Oever
During The Education Days, I can get to know new methods of instruction in an easily accessible way
Koen van den Oever
Current role
Associate professor of Strategy and Lecturer Ambassador at the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre

Koen van den Oever uses the activities of The Education Days to get to know new methods of instruction. He talks about which activities are best suited for the teacher or lecturer who is ready for educational renewal.

‘This year too, there is another well-filled programme packed with valuable and interesting sessions. But you can't attend everything. I looked for activities that fit with the educational vision of my faculty and what seems inspiring to me. For example, I am always looking for new methods of instruction that fit well with my students' learning styles.'

'On Mondays, there is a lot of focus on team-based learning. I think many of us work with student teams in our courses, but don't often stop to think about how the learning process can be different when students work together in such groups. The sessions on team-based learning and case-based learning can give good insights into learning processes when working together.'

'Experiential learning puts student wellbeing and engagement at the centre. This way of learning is still barely used in academic education. On Tuesday, Carolin Ossenkop, lecturer in Strategic Personnel Management, will show how she uses human-animal interactions in her education to create special learning moments for students during her workshop ‘Exploring Experiential Learning’.’

'If you want to learn more about interdisciplinary learning, Jessica Oudenampsen's master class 'Discovering and experiencing an interdisciplinary educational setting' is highly recommended. It is already complex to teach students well in a specific discipline, let alone if you want to expose students to an interdisciplinary approach. It can offer many benefits, but understanding how to set this up properly is, I think, very valuable. That's where this session will help.'

'Finally, my eyes fell on the workshop 'An app for discovery learning' by biologist Constant Swinkels. He has developed an excursion app within his Comenius project that allows students to explore while doing fieldwork. The app supports learning on location.’

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