Marjan Smeulders about sustainable thinking and acting during the Education Days

Marjan Smeulders in een laboratorium
Lecturers have the responsibility to equip our students so that they can respond to the challenges of the current climate crisis
Marjan Smeulders
Current role
Researcher in the Department of Ecological Microbiology at the Science Faculty, and a teacher ambassador at the TLC

Marjan Smeulders is besides her work at the Radboud University also a climate activist, active in Scientists4Future and Scientist Rebellion. During the event The Education Days, she will join all activities in the field of climate and sustainability. She is convinced that she as a lecturer plays an important role in equipping students.

‘We live on a planet in crisis and the young people we educate will face enormous challenges during their working lives to help realise the energy, ecological, economic and social transitions that are needed to keep our earth livable for current and future generations. The crises are so severe and the stakes so high, that it can be daunting for students and affect their mental well-being. As educators, how do we ensure that our students leave equipped with the tools they will need to confidently play their role in meeting the climate, ecological and societal challenges? I believe this is the most important task we have as educators.’  

‘I therefore highly recommend the sessions that will address this. I have already signed up for 'Education for climate change-Learning together today for tomorrow' by Rozi Toth on Monday, March 20th and ‘Promoting sustainability literacy in students’ by Sandra Klaperski-van der Wal and Inge Hindriks on Wednesday March 22nd. 

‘In her masterclass, Rozi will address the questions ‘What world do we learn for?’ and ‘What does the world of today and tomorrow require from us?’ and share her journey as a researcher and educational innovator for climate change.’ 

‘You can join the online workshop from Inge and Sandra for a brief interactive and inspirational session on why and how teachers should contribute to sustainable development.  The learning objective of this session is greater awareness of students' future realities and how to prepare them with education that incorporates sustainability.’ 

Banner Onderwijsdagen - Vandaag opleiden voor morgen
Banner Onderwijsdagen - Vandaag opleiden voor morgen

Description masterclass 'Education for climate change - Learning together today for tomorrow' 

The goal of this workshop is to give participants a first-hand experience of an educational innovation for climate change and to provide inspiration, tools, and literature that participants can use in their own practice.  

Specifically, the masterclass will give an insight into how World Centered, Regenerative, Transformative, Experiential, Arts and Community-based education can be implemented in practice. Through using the case study of the joint Radboud - ArtEZ honours lab: RE:PLACE – Living, learning, and change-making in the Anthropocene, Rozi invites participants to an experiential journey to discover the above-mentioned innovative pedagogical ideas.  

Following the practices of the RE:PLACE lab, in two hours, participants will form a community of learners, reconnect with ourselves, others, and place, reflect on the current educational system, and use artificial intelligence and art to visualize the university for today and tomorrow.’ 

Date en location 

20 March 2023, 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. in the Radboudumc, M260., 1.123 Snelbinder, route 5 

Description session ‘Promoting sustainability literacy in students’ 

Do you care a lot about sustainability in your private life, but this is, surprisingly, nothing you address at all in your work? Did you ever ask yourself whether you actually equip your students with the skills and competencies they really need for their future? Are you looking for ways to make your teaching more impactful? Then join the session from Sandra Klaperski-van der Wal and Inge Hindriks.  

While colleagues may think of reusable cups in the cafeteria when they hear about sustainability, they hardly ever relate terms like ‘sustainable development' to their very own teaching tasks. However, sustainability is a topic that relates to all of us. It is not just a buzzword. The United Nations sees education and science as important drivers of sustainability.  

In this session, Inge and Sandra will thus introduce the main topics of a longer "teach the teacher" course that aims to explain why and how lecturers can and should contribute to sustainable development. The complete Teach the Teacher course from Sandra and Inge on sustainability for your students' futures will be announced at a later moment. 

Date and location

22 March 2023, online (you can find the link on the Education Days website) 

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