War in Ukraine

Our response to the war in Ukraine

Help for students

Radboud University is here for all students who are impacted by the current war in Ukraine.

Financial help for students

Students at Radboud University who are in severe financial distress can make use of the Emergency Fund. You can apply for this by making an appointment with one of the student deans.

Tuition fees

Ukrainian students who were already studying at Radboud University when the war broke out — or those who were studying at a different, publicly funded university in the Netherlands — will in this academic year (2023–2024) pay lower tuition fees than usual. That also applies to other students from Ukraine with refugee status who would like to study at Radboud University. The tuition fee amount for these groups is equal to the statutory tuition rate. That is also the rate paid by students who are Dutch nationals. Generally, students from outside the EU pay a higher fee.

Study progress

Are you a student from Ukraine or Russia, or do you have any family, friends or contacts in the region, and are you concerned that the war might affect your study progress? Get in touch with your student advisor, and we can see what arrangements can be made. 

Current students and exchange students from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus can carry on with their studies as per usual. The IND will extend all Ukrainian visas as long as the conflict lasts. This means Ukrainian nationals will be able to remain in The Netherlands for an indefinite period.

Health and well-being

  • You can get in touch with your student advisor who can, if necessary, refer you to other counselling services within or outside the University.
  • Faculties have already got in touch with affected students and, where possible and desirable, arrangements have been made to support them.
  • Do you suffer from stress, panic attacks or other negative feelings? Get in touch with one of our student psychologists.


Education for refugees from Ukraine

Do you want to study at Radboud University? You can read more about the entry requirements for specific programmes and the enrollment procedure on this page. For other questions about the application procedure for a programme, you can get in touch with admissions [at] ru.nl (admissions[at]ru[dot]nl).


Help for staff

Health and well-being

Employees with general questions and issues should contact their manager. The campus psychologist is available for personal problems that may lead to work-related health complaints. They are available for stress- and tension complaints, fears or moodiness in relation to your work.

Consequences for research

Dutch universities have temporarily frozen existing formal partnerships at the request of the government. This means that no data or knowledge can be exchanged and that no financial transactions or joint events can take place. This applies to all companies, government agencies and knowledge institutions primarily based in Russia and Belarus. We have informed all partners we work with from Student Life and International Mobility.

Institutional cooperative projects with Russian and Belarusian organisations have been frozen. Cooperation within education is often based on peer-to-peer relationships. Many Russian and Belarusian researchers have publicly criticised the invasion, risking their lives in the process. As such, Radboud University wants to give staff members every opportunity to continue their existing personal relationships with these researchers, where appropriate. It is important to keep in touch with these researchers, particularly in times of war.

Continued personal contact and cooperation with Russian and Belarusian researchers should be assessed on a case-by-case basis by researchers themselves. For questions or assistance, contact info [at] ru.nl (info[at]ru[dot]nl)


Relief efforts

We have all been shocked by the invasion of Ukraine. Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected. As Radboud University, we are dedicated to creating a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for everyone. This is why we stand for democracy and human rights. Let us continue to take care of each other in our community, especially now. We are receiving a large number of requests and proposals via info [at] ru.nl. Here is an overview of how you can contribute:

  • You can give money via Giro555. The money goes to Cooperating Aid Organisations and is used for medical care, emergency shelter and supplying food and clean drinking water, among other things.
  • The Municipality of Nijmegen has a number of tips and pieces of information about how you can help and shelter refugees), and what support the Municipality provides.

University Chaplaincy

Students and staff are welcome to come and light a candle or pray every day between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm; during these hours, there is always a student pastor present to talk. On Sundays, there are celebrations that pay extra attention to the war in Ukraine - 11.00 am in Dutch, 5.00 pm in English. It does not matter whether you are religious or not; we welcome everyone with open arms. Afterwards, there will be coffee and tea, and a chance for those present to talk.


Contact Media

Journalists and other media parties looking for Radboud University researchers to comment on the developments in Ukraine should get in touch with the Press Office & Science Communication department

+31 24 361 60 00