Springend vitaal persoon in de bergen
Springend vitaal persoon in de bergen

A better and healthier you

Do you want to work on a healthier and better version of yourself? Take your health into your own hands! Radboud University offers a diverse vitality programme for employees: Fit@Work. 


The new Fit@Work programme will help you make lasting behavioural changes and sustainable personal growth to achieve a healthy lifestyle and a balanced mindset. This programme focuses on nutrition, exercise, mental health and sleep. Fit@Work is fully customisable. Over the course of six months, you will work on a specific issue in group meetings and individual coaching sessions. There are also several check-in sessions to monitor your progress.

Health Coach Program

The Fit@Work programme is offered by a new provider this year: the Health Coach Program (HCP). HCP has had a lot of success with this programme at TU Delft. 

Some reactions from participants at TU Delft:

The enthusiastic HCP team has created an intense and scientifically supported programme that helps you achieve great results.

HCP is a great match for scholars and PhD candidates because they back up their claims with facts and research. This helps us understand and implement the information.

The programme focuses on the long term instead of offering a quick fix. You have to put in the work to see results.

The individual coaching sessions were great at helping you tackle personal challenges.


If you want to improve your physical and mental quality of life, register today! The first groups will start in mid to late May. 

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