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Stockfoto Stichting Present

A job for someone else during the 100 Radboud Gestures

In the week from 8 to 12 May, we will surprise the city of Nijmegen and its inhabitants with 100 Radboud Gestures: 100 selfless actions devised and carried out by Radboud University students and staff. In recent months, many diverse actions have been submitted, for which many thanks! Would you like to participate, but did you find it difficult to think of a gesture yourself? You can now sign up for a volunteer job, in collaboration with Stichting Present Nijmegen.

Stichting Present Nijmegen has various jobs that can take place during the week of 8 May, such as fixing up a garden, painting or laying laminate flooring. You can help by spending part of the day working with a group of three to five people. You can put together your own group, but you can also sign up by yourself. Stichting Present will then pair you up with other volunteers, who can do the job together with you. Would you like to help people facing poverty, poor health or social isolation? Then sign up as a volunteer via the form below. 

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About Stichting Present Nijmegen 

Stichting Present Nijmegen builds a bridge between people who have something to offer and people who can be helped. The foundation works closely with professional welfare and aid organisations. This gives them good insight into social problems - even behind closed front doors.   

Prior to the job, an employee of Present visits the client together with one of the volunteers from a group. They look at exactly what the job entails, what materials are needed and whether there is a match.   

On the day of the job, a Present staff member and the group visit the client to get started. They check whether everything needed is present. At the end of the job, the staff member returns to finish together. 

Contact information

If you have any questions about the 100 Radboud Gestures, please contact us at radboudgebaren [at] (radboudgebaren[at]ru[dot]nl)