Collegues in door opening
Collegues in door opening

A very (un)usual working day

Your glimpse falls on a confidential document, you overhear a conversation you know you shouldn't have heard, or you've conveniently stuck your password on your screen. Not convenient, but how should you handle situations like this?

In the e-learning 'A very (un)ordinary working day' you participate in the first working day of a new colleague. Gradually, you get tips on how to handle personal data safely.

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Test your knowledge

The e-learning consists of 7 parts that you can go through either as a whole or in parts. In about 25 minutes, you will be a lot wiser. In between, you can test your knowledge with picture puzzles and quizzes. You will get feedback on your answers to a quiz when you select 'Submit' after completing a quiz.


The module was developed by SURF in collaboration with several colleges and universities (including Radboud University).

Contact information

General questions about Information Security can be e-mailed to: 
IB-Awareness [at] (IB-Awareness[at]ru[dot]nl)

Questions about privacy? Please contact the privacy officer at your faculty or organisational unit.

Want to report a data breach or security incident? Please contact the ICT Helpdesk (024 - 36 22222).

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