Albert and Theo: a special friendship (exhibition)

Associate professor and Americanist Mathilde Roza and Research Master's Historical Studies student Jasmijn Janssen collaborated on a temporary exhibition 'Albert and Theo: a special friendship'. The exposition is on display until 9 April 2023.

An estimated 45.000 Native American soldiers participated in World War II. Tens of those fought in and around Nijmegen during Operation Market Garden. One of them, Albert Tarbell (Mohawk), became friends with a 15-year-old Nijmegen boy, Theo Smolders. The exhibition 'Albert and Theo: a special friendship' tells the story of their war experiences in Nijmegen, and of their friendship. Mathilde Roza enlightens: "That many young men fought for our freedom during World War II, who themselves lost their freedom due to colonisation of their country, is a story that needs to be told."

In addition, the exposition also provides information on indigenous soldiers and the cultural background of Albert Tarbell. Albert's son, Mike Tarbell, states: "What a beautiful story to share with the world, that regardless of our skin colour, we can build friendships, even in the most difficult times, that cross the entire world and last a lifetime."

Albert & Theo: een bijzondere vriendschap (Expositie)

You can visit the exhibition at the Freedom Museum in Groesbeek until 9 April 2023. For more information about the exposition, you can navigate directly to the Freedom Museum's website or click on the red button down below.


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