Science Award
Science Award

Announcement of the winners of the Radboud Team Science Award

The Radboud Team Science Award goes to two teams: Medicine for People with Intellectual Disabilities, and Substance Use, Addiction & Food. These two teams are shaping Team Science in an inspiring way and received 10,000 euros to further encourage team spirit. During the Opening of the Academic Year on 5 September, the Team Science Award will be presented for the first time.

Medical Faculty

Medicine for People with Intellectual Disabilities

This team is part of a network of scientists and care organisations that aims to improve health and healthcare for people with intellectual disabilities (academic workplace “Sterker op eigen benen” (stronger on your own two feet)). An expert through personal experience with an intellectual disability is part of the team and contributes invaluably to the research. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team worked to ensure that people with intellectual disabilities were not forgotten, not only by setting up a national registry of COVID-19 infections, but also by monitoring the experiences of people with intellectual disabilities themselves during the pandemic. Over 300 people with intellectual disabilities or low literacy shared their experiences on the citizen science platform developed. The team members are enthusiastic about the interactions with each other. Interdisciplinary cooperation is based on complementarity rather than competition, making the whole more than the sum of its parts.

Social Sciences Faculty

Substance Use, Addiction & Food

This research group from the Behavioural Science Institute is dedicated to deciphering the origins of addictive behaviour and unhealthy eating patterns in young people in order to prevent adverse health effects later in life. The team members constantly help each other in achieving this common goal, for example during their biannual writing weeks, which even in times of the pandemic continued in adapted online form with much effort. They alternate between meetings and gatherings explicitly aimed at the personal development of the team members. In this way, team members help each other to improve individually and as a team. With pleasure and passion, the team works together on their RAD blog (RAD stands for roken (smoking), alcohol, drugs, and diet). They create awareness for healthy/unhealthy behaviour among young people and share new insights with society in an accessible way twice a month. The team creates a sense of belonging, not only through these kinds of scientific activities, but also through regular social activities.

More information about the Team Science Award

Collaborations between colleagues with different talents are of great importance for the development of science. Scientific achievements are often achieved through a team effort. With the Team Science Award, the Executive Board wishes to recognise these team achievements. Teams could nominate themselves or be nominated by others. A jury chose two winners from 18 nominations, all excellent examples for Team Science at Radboud University and Radboud university medical center. The criteria were cooperation, diversity, and performance. The Team Science Award will be presented again next year. Employees will be able to nominate teams again from the beginning of 2023. 

Attending the ceremony

The ceremony takes place on Monday 5 September in concert building De Vereeniging. The ceremony will start at 14.00 and last until approximately 15.30.

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