Astrid van Oyen to be appointed professor of Archaeology

Astrid van Oyen will be appointed professor of Archaeology at the Faculty of Arts at Radboud University on 1 July 2022.

Van Oyen's research focuses on Roman Italy and the western provinces, exploring the social, cultural, and economic dimensions of the empire, artisanal production, storage, and rural economies. “The Roman Empire brought an unprecedented quantity and variety of objects to the furthest corners of the Mediterranean. My research departs from theories of how people and things relate to each other to explore how these objects contributed to the social and economic dynamics of a world empire. What impact did this new object world have, for instance on relations between the rich and the poor?” says van Oyen.

Astrid van Oyen benoemd tot hoogleraar Archeologie

“I am looking forward to making Roman archaeology more diverse in terms of content and demographics. The embedding of the discipline in Nijmegen within Greco-Latin Language and Culture and the close ties with Ancient and Medieval History and Art History, provide a unique opportunity to strengthen a multidisciplinary and transhistorical approach.”

About Astrid van Oyen

Astrid van Oyen studied archaeology at KU Leuven. She received her PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2013 with her thesis “Rethinking Terra Sigillata: An Archaeological Application of Actor-Network Theory”, after which she held a Junior Research Fellowship at Homerton College, Cambridge. Since 2016, Van Oyen has been assistant professor at the Department of Classics at Cornell University. During her career, Van Oyen won several prestigious awards and fellowships, including the Loeb Classical Library Foundation Fellowship in 2018 and 2020 and the Stanford Humanities Center Fellowship 2018-2019.

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