Billie Cup: Reusable cups to reduce waste

Have you already used the Billie Cup? Since the end of January 2022, a pilot has been running in the Huygens building. The Billie Cup is a reusable and exchangeable cup that ensures less disposable waste and more circularity on the campus. This pilot proved to be a success, so we are expanding to the rest of the campus as of 16 May.

Succesful pilot

At this moment, the Billie Cup at the Huygens building has already resulted in a decrease of 4500 disposable cups. This is of course a great start for the pilot, but we aim for more. From the 16th of May, at the start of the Radboud Impact Festival, the Billie Cup will also spread to other Coffee Corners to replace even more disposable cups! At the Radboud Impact Festival there will also be a Billie Cup activity so you can learn more about this sustainable initiative and also have a chance at  winning a nice prize. Will we see you then?

Billie Cup: Weg met de wegwerpbeker

What is the Billie Cup?

The Billie Cup is created by two environmentalists. It consists of 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP). This material is very strong, which means that the Billie Cup can be used at least 500 times and can be put in all types of dishwashers. Compared to other materials, PP also performs best in terms of energy consumption during production and recyclability.

How does the Billie Cup work?

When ordering a drink, you can get a Billie Cup by paying a deposit of 1 euro. When you return the cup, you get a BillieCoin as a deposit to get a new clean Billie Cup later. This coin can also be used as a 1 euro discount on other products. Not only is it possible to use the Billie Cup at the Coffee Corners, the coffee machines on campus also accept the Billie Cup, which means that even fewer disposable cups are used.

Billie Cup: Weg met de wegwerpbeker

Billie Cup campus wide

Radboud University aims for a green, healthy and inclusive campus with a positive impact on climate and circularity. The introduction of the Billie Cup therefore fits this ambition perfectly. After a successful start at the Huygens building, the Billie Cup will now also replace the disposable cups at Panama (at De Refter), Café C, Coffee Corner Grotius, Grand Café de Iris, and The Yard.