afbeelding van een boekenkast met een stoel ernaast
afbeelding van een boekenkast met een stoel ernaast

Book swap case Library of Science

At the entrance to the Library of Science is a bookcase that holds books to take away. You can also add your own books that you no longer need. They can then be taken away for free by interested parties. They do not necessarily have to be textbooks: e.g. novels and magazines, in all languages, are also welcome in the bookcase!

At the bookcase we have also created a seating area. This way you can look at the books in a relaxed manner before you decide to take them with you.

In this way, we want to give books a second life. We also regularly add books ourselves that are going out of our collection.

Do you have books lying around?
You probably recognise it: you have a pile of books at home, but what do you do with them? Throwing them away is a waste, but you often don't reread them. Have a look in your bookcase at home to see if you have a book to make a student or colleague happy!

Do you have questions or comments about the bookcase? Or do you have other good ideas? Let us know! You can also put a note in our suggestion box.

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