Brain Awareness Week: Brains on the market

Do you want to know more about the brain? Are you in high school, interested in neuroscience and want to participate in the Brain Olympiad? Or would you like to hear more and talk about science? Then be sure to visit the market stall of the Brain Awareness Week! On Saturday 18 March, brain researchers from the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour at Radboud University are organizing a market stall about the brain in Nijmegen. You can find us at the intersection of Broerstraat and Ziekerstraat during the Nijmegen weekly market, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The brain is a subject that fascinates us all. How can this organ generate complex behaviors and perceptions? From the smell of our favorite foods, to the memories of our childhood. From singing a song in your mind, to cycling with your eyes closed. All of these examples involve a complex interaction between the cells in our brain, like an orchestra playing a symphony. But in the case of the brain, scientists can only hear a small portion of the song played by some of the instruments. On March 18, these scientists are coming to market to help you discover the secrets of the brain.

Visitors can take part in a quiz, view brains through a microscope, play brain-pong and ask all their burning questions. There is also information about the upcoming Pint of Science and Brain Olympiad, and how you can participate. At the booth you can participate in activities and discover all kinds of brain materials. The teams of the Dutch Brain Olympiad, the BrainHelpDesk and Pint of Science will help you with this. This event is part of the international Brain Awareness Week.

Want to know more: read the Dutch newsarticle about 'Hersenen op de markt' on the website of the Dutch Brain Olympiad or visit the Brain Awareness Week websites and