Caroline Essers at signing Code Encouraging Female Entrepreneurship

Caroline Essers, associate professor Strategic Human Resource Management with a specialisation in entrepreneurship, was present on 12 December 2023 at the ABN AMRO headquarters in Amsterdam for a festive meeting where an important code, the so-called Code-V to encourage female entrepreneurship, was signed by a variety of influential parties. Essers is an academic member of the preparatory working group of the Code-V and the public-private covenant on 'Encouraging Female Entrepreneurship', which will continue in the next three years. 

Portret Caroline Essers

Recently, a public-private working group with representatives from banks, government, network organisations, female entrepreneurs and academics, including Essers, has been working hard to develop Code-V. Initiated and led by Chantal Korteweg (Director Inclusive Financing ABN/AMRO and Women's Representative to the UN for the Netherlands), this Code is a commitment to support and accelerate the growth of women's businesses in the Netherlands. For example, female entrepreneurs will get better access to finance and knowledge. Moreover, this way, social awareness is raised about the current (financial) inequality between female and male entrepreneurs and removes inequality and barriers. This ultimately leads to a diverse and more inclusive business ecosystem, more innovation, more women entrepreneurs with scalable businesses as well as international expansion.

Also present at this important meeting were Robert Swaak (CEO ABN/AMRO) and Sandor Gaastra (Secretary-General at MinEZ). In addition, Mariëtte Hamer (independent government commissioner on sexual transgressive behaviour and sexual violence), Anne-Marie Jorritsma (chairman of the Dutch Association of Venture Capital Companies) and Medy van der Laan (chairman Association of Dutch Banks) joined the meeting. They talked on a panel about the importance of the code and responded to 'snapshots' from research by Essers, among others. All attendees endorsed the Code's commitments made and they are fully dedicated to all women entrepreneurs.

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