Caroline Slomp
Caroline Slomp

Caroline Slomp appointed Professor of Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry

Caroline Slomp has been appointed Professor of Geomicrobiology and Biogeochemistry at the Faculty of Sciences starting from 1 October 2022.

Slomp's research focuses on the cycles of elements that are important for life in aquatic ecosystems, including carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen, and a range of trace metals. In studying these cycles, Slomp combines field and laboratory work, which is integrated with modelling at various spatial and temporal scales, including the geological past. In this context, she collaborates with researchers from many different disciplines. One of her main objectives is understanding the biogeochemical processes and underlying microbiology of coastal marine ecosystems, for example in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. “In my research I look at how ecosystems respond to perturbations, such as eutrophication, deoxygenation and warming. I also study how aquatic ecosystems recover,” says Slomp.

“I’m really excited about our upcoming research cruise to the Baltic Sea, where we will study the dynamics of methane in the seafloor,” says Slomp. “We hope to find out which micro-organisms remove methane in the sediment, and how much of this methane could potentially be released into the atmosphere.”

About Caroline Slomp

Caroline Slomp (Khairagali, Pakistan, 1967) studied Soil Science at Wageningen University. She was then employed by the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research. In 1997 she completed her PhD, which focussed on processes controlling the dynamics of the nutrient phosphorus in marine sediments. Since 1998, Slomp has worked at Utrecht University, where she has held a number of positions, including that of KNAW Fellow, assistant professor, associate professor and, since 2013, full professor of Marine Biogeochemistry. During the coming three years, she will combine this latter position with her Chair at Radboud University.

Caroline Slomp has published many articles, covering a wide range of research fields. Her research focuses on (marine) biogeochemistry, (palaeo)oceanography, geo(micro)biology and environmental science. She has received multiple prizes and grants, including Geochemistry Fellow (2020), an ERC Synergy grant (2019), NWO Vici grant (2014) and ERC Starting grant (2011).

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