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On 1 September, the new academic year will start at Radboud Sport & Culture. As of that date, a number of things will change in our offer. We add some fun activities, two will disappear and a few are given a different name. Below an overview.

  • The Grappling course will be replaced by a course in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (No-gi).
  • In addition to making an appointment for a personal Fitness workout plan, you can now also get a Balance your energy plan. With a trainer you work 1 on 1 on your energy balance between body and mind, looking at, among other things, energy leak and boost, mindset, physical and mental strain.
  • Next to the Self-defense course for women, there will be a Self-defense course for everyone.
  • Inline skating in the Triavium will become a permanent activity in our offer.
  • Movement class becomes a ticket hour instead of a course.
  • Dance activities Contemporary Acro, Hip Hop, Jazz dance, Classical ballet and Modern dance at beginner level continue to be offered in the form of a course. At advanced level we will offer these activities as ticket hours.
  • All forms of Yoga will now be offered as ticket hours.
  • Capoeira and Contemporary ballet are disappearing from our offer.
  • Our guitar teacher is retiring, so (for the time being) this course is not on our program. We are looking for a new music teacher for another music course.
  • The Stand-up comedy course will be replaced by a Theatre improv course at Intermediate level.
  • We will again offer a ticket hour Sailing in term 1 and there will be another Chess intermediate course in term 2.
  • The names of five strength sports activities will change so that they are now more clearly visible in the RSC app and catalogue:
    - Strength basic becomes: Strength training 
    - Fitness 60+ becomes: Strength training 60+ 
    - Strength basic techniques becomes: Strength technique 
    - Strength training 60+ becomes: Strength technique 60+ 
    - Strength training sports specific becomes: Strength sport supporting
  • The above also applies to the two climbing sports-related activities:
    - Bouldering becomes: Climbing bouldering
    - Sport climbing becomes: Climbing sport climbing
  • The pilot in which courses are (temporarily) offered as ticket hours will be continued in the new academic year. This means that the following activities will (at least) still be offered in the form of a ticket hour in term 1:
    - Neck, shoulder, back
    - Running intermediate/advanced
    - Strength training sports specific (under the new name Strength sport supporting)
    - Strength training 60+ (under the new name Strength technique 60+)
    - Strength basic techniques with a theme (Strength technique Upper body of Lower body)
    - Two swimming courses become theme ticket hours (including butterfly stroke, starting and turning, speed work and triathlon technique)
  • Fencing intermediate will go back to being offered as a course.

Wishes and suggestions

With the changes we are making to activity offer, we hope to increasingly meet the wishes and expectations of RSC members. Do you have a wish or suggestion regarding our activities? We would like to hear from you via this feedback form.


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