ChatGPT in het onderwijs
ChatGPT in het onderwijs

ChatGPT: what it means for our education and research

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence that provides quick, well-formulated answers to a variety of questions. The impact of this tool on education and research has our attention. We find it important to keep our students and staff well informed about the use of ChatGPT. This technology offers many possibilities, but we are also reviewing whether adjustments are necessary in our way of working to keep up with this development in a responsible way.

Because ChatGPT's applications are broad, it can have a broad impact within Radboud University. Education in particular is getting a lot of attention: for example, we're looking at the risks of fraud and plagiarism in tests and assignments, but also at the possibilities of using the chatbot as a brainstorming partner for students or as support in formulating a lesson plan for lecturers. Therefore, we want to formulate concrete recommendations for the use of ChatGPT in education in the coming period. We want to see how we can use ChatGPT to improve learning processes, while maintaining students' own responsibility for learning the material and developing knowledge and skills.  

To keep up to date with information and advice on ChatGPT in education, please visit the ChatGPT page. This page is updated regularly.

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