Portret prof. dr. Christoph Lüthy
Portret prof. dr. Christoph Lüthy

Christoph Lüthy enters Academia Europaea

Professor Dr Christoph Lüthy has been appointed a member of the Academia Europaea.

The aim of the Academia Europaea is to promote scientific excellence and the dissemination of scientific knowledge. The Academy also promotes European research, advises governments and international organisations on scientific issues and supports interdisciplinary and international research.

The faculty congratulates Prof. Christophy Lüthy on his appointment as the academy's youngest member. Lüthy is excited by his appointment: 'The list of members from Europe and elsewhere in the world is impressive, so I am particularly looking forward to the first meeting in Wroclaw later this year.' 

Previous appointments

An overview of Radboud University scientists previously appointed to the Academia Europaea can be found on the Academia Europaea page.

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