Circulair gebouw Liander - vestiging Duiven
Circulair gebouw Liander - vestiging Duiven

Circular housing - inspiring example

The Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies will move to the most sustainable building on campus in 2027. For inspiration, members of the project team 'housing FoA-FPTR' and the 'user organisation FoL-FpTR' visited the Liander office in Duiven. This building is an example of the ambition level of circularity for the new housing. How is such a building experienced by the project teams and user organisation?

Highly circular

In November 2015, Liander opened a fully circular renovated office in Duiven. The five old office buildings were converted into an energy-producing complex. In addition, many sustainable choices were made and circular materials applied. For example, old doors in the office serve as benches.

The guided tour for Radboud University employees was organised to experience what such a circular building - in view of the move - actually feels like. During the visit, Tom van Onna (now manager Energy Transition Campus & Facilities but formerly employed by Liander) talked about his experiences as a user of the office complex before and after the renovation. Did the tour inspire the visitors?

Annemarie Hinten works as Director of Operations at the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies and is involved in the user organisation FdL-FFTR. Hinten: "Liander offers a unique working environment in a circular building where meeting and collaboration are central. This is supported by an inviting interior and atmosphere, which is recognisable by, for example, the return of parts of old electricity pylons in the interior. So in that sense, the visit provided plenty of inspiration for our new accommodation!"

Circulair gebouw Liander - vestiging Duiven

Green surroundings

What struck the other visitors? The office offers plenty of space for meeting, but also quiet workplaces. The complex looks bright and there is plenty of space for greenery. Solar panels on the roof of the car park power the building.

The building was designed in consultation with the users, who say they are happy to work in the office complex. No renovations or adjustments have been necessary in recent years. Liander's working environment will not match the working environment as currently designed by the users of both faculties. The result will look different. However, the tour gave visitors a lot of insights into the choices made.

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Want to know more about the FdL-FFTR housing project and the building? Find more information on the project page.

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