Clean-up action bicycle storage

In week 4 (from 23 January), old, broken and abandoned bicycles will be removed from the campus bicycle storages.

Several times a year, Campus & Facilities (C&F) conducts such a clean-up action. The selected bicycles are first given a warning sticker so that the owner still has a chance to take them away. After a while, employees of bike workshop BikeWerk, together with an invigilator from the Security Department, remove the stickered wrecks. These periodic clean-ups free up space for other bicycles and at the same time reduce the risk of theft and vandalism.

Sustainable destination

"The bicycles are given a sustainable destination," Roy Ribbers (BikeWerk) and Marco Schaap state. "The broken bikes end up well. BikeWerk refurbishes the bicycles, rebuilds two or three bikes into one good bike or reuses the still-functioning parts. Afterwards, they are for sale for a friendly price in the shop at Regulierstraat 29 in Nijmegen."

People distanced from the labour market undergo training at BikeWerk and they recycle the abandoned bikes. Roy: "Double sustainable and non-profit".

Do you have any questions about this action? Then contact the Service Centre on (024 36) 33333.