Brightlands Venlo, bovenaanzicht
Brightlands Venlo, bovenaanzicht

Collaborate with Maastricht? Let’s Meet in the Middle!

Would you like to meet a colleague from Maastricht University to see if you can work together or exchange expertise? Unfortunately, the planned 'Meet in the middle' meet-up in Venlo on 14 March 2024 will not take place. But we are considering a follow-up.

Radboud University and Maastricht University are on their way to explore and expand their collaboration.

Perhaps you have already made connections yourself and are in the middle of a collaboration project. Or you might be interested in a first meeting with a colleague from Maastricht University. 

Villa Flora, Brightlands Venlo

Find a match

Would you like to meet a colleague in your field, but don't know who to contact? Please let us know via maastricht.nijmegen [at] (maastricht[dot]nijmegen[at]ru[dot]nl) and we'll try and find a match for you.