Evelyn Kroesbergen, nieuwe decaan Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen
Evelyn Kroesbergen, nieuwe decaan Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen

Column Evelyn Kroesbergen: Leadership, the fourth pillar in Recognition & Rewards

One of the aims of Recognition & Rewards is to encourage good academic leadership. A culture that stimulates room for everyone's talent, where people like to work, requires a leadership style that helps people develop according to their needs and those of the organisation, whether that is in teaching, research, impact or leadership. 

Last week, I had a meeting with some associate professors who want to develop in leadership. We talked about how one could do that in practice, especially if you are not yet in leadership positions. There is no training for director or dean, for example, and once you are in that position, you are expected to be able to do it. It was noted that in the past, leaders were often selected because they had a certain rank, rather than that they got the rank and position because they had leadership skills. We are now changing these procedures. 

That also means giving people the opportunity to develop leadership skills even before they are in those positions. As one of the associate professors said: 'If we want to ensure that the next academic generation is (and stays) enthusiastic about developing their leadership skills, we need to allow and support them to develop their leadership potential early on in their careers, and in positions that have impact.' That also means, for example, making sure people get time for their leadership tasks, as well as training opportunities. The website about the Radboud University's leadership programme offers various possibilities to develop in (personal) leadership. 

In addition, we want to provide tailor-made solutions within our faculty, by means of traineeships or overlapping positions when people have to be succeeded. If you have leadership ambitions, we encourage you to further develop your leadership qualities in, for instance, committees such as a degree programme committee, the faculty DEI committee, or the methods network. If you have such ambitions, do not hesitate to discuss this with your supervisor. This is the only way we will achieve a new generation of leaders. It is good leadership that makes up our organisation more than the sum of its parts. 

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