Concert Duo Delta Scuti

Duo Delta Scuti is an energetic, classical music duo consisting of Mateo Viscarra Wilde (piano) and Gemma Smit (cello). On Tuesday 21 May, in Theatre Hall C, you can experience their passion for music and enjoy their unique interplay.

The introduction of pianist Mateo and cellist Gemma at the Conservatory in Zwolle was the beginning of a sincere friendship and a strong musical bond. The origin of their name lies in an important source of inspiration for the duo: nature; Delta Scuti is the name of a bright shining star. Get surprised by their classical concert.


The Duo Delta Scuti concert starts on Tuesday 21 May at 20:00 in Theatre Hall C. Members of Radboud Sport & Culture can reserve their seat as a ticket hour. Non-members can buy a ticket via CODC.

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