Honing uit de Regio Oogst pop-up store
Honing uit de Regio Oogst pop-up store

Cooking locally with groceries from the Regio Oogst pop-up store

You may have already spotted it: the pop-up mini supermarket by Regio Oogst in the Refter, found at the Craft counter until 7 June. Every working day between 12:00 and 14:00 hours, you can buy the most delicious products from nearby. Such as organic pasta and oatmeal from Landgoed Velhorst – and creamy milk, yoghurt and butter from Speetenhof. Fresh fruits and veggies are available too, directly from local farmers and growers. Or how about a jar of Nijmegen city honey from Bijmegen?

Regio Oogst pop-up store

Pop-up supermarket with groceries from nearby

Until 7 June, please feel welcome to do your grocery shopping during your lunch break. And not just any groceries: healthy and beautiful products from nearby. Every working day between 12:00 and 14:00 hours, the Regio Oogst pop-up supermarket can be found at the Craft counter in the Refter, providing everything you need for your next tasty dinner. Straight from the land onto your plate!

Mozzarella in de Regio Oogst pop-up store

Refrigerated products? Have them kept cool in the fridge!

Any chilled products in your basket? Of course you can take those to a pantry with fridge somewhere near your workplace. But it is also possible to have products labeled and stored in the fridge at Craft, so you can pick them up later in the day. Just as easy!

In case you are not in the mood or in lack of time to come visit the pop-up store during your lunch, feel free to pass by the neighbourhood shop in Brakkenstein: open from 08:00 to 18:00 hours on weekdays and until 16:00 hours on Saturdays.

Research on shopping preferences

The pop-up store is part of a project called ‘Alliance for more sustainable regional food’ (Alliantie voor meer duurzaam regionaal voedsel), which involves the mapping of buying behaviour and regional products. The project is made possible in part by a financial contribution from the province of Gelderland, POP3 Professionalisation Short Supply Chains 2021 and ELFPO, the "European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in its countryside". The try-out is conducted by Radboud University's Nijmegen School of Management in cooperation with the Campus & Facilities devision and Regio Oogst: a network of farmers, growers, makers and citizens who strive for local fresh produce. 

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