Corona plan Radboud University

Radboud University follows the corona measures of the national government. Currently, there are no restrictions effective. But what if the infection rate rises up further? At the request of the government, Radboud University has therefore developed a corona plan. The aim is to keep the university's doors open for as long as possible.


The plan works with four different scenarios. Each of these has its own colour: dark green, green, orange and red. The measures in the scenarios are the same nationally but have been translated to the specific situation at Radboud University. 
The two green scenarios focus on prevention measures, such as extra attention to communication on basic measures and vaccination. Scenarios orange and red focus on intervention. These include tightened safety measures on campus and a self-testing policy. In all scenarios, the university aims to keep campus doors open as long as possible and allow education to take place physically as much as possible. 

Role of the government

This plan is the local translation of the sector plan medium-term approach corona mbo/ho, adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the sector councils (in coordination with Universities of the Netherlands, among others). The plan includes the focus areas of education, research, communication, employees (hybrid working), and student welfare. Decisions and communication on switching to a particular scenario are made by the central government based on the advice of the OMT and MIT (Social Impact Team). In an emergency, the government may even take over the control completely. This happens, for example, when national measures are needed that are more severe than the worst-case scenario (red) of the sector plan.

Communication on the applicable scenario and associated measures will primarily take place on the coronavirus information page Updates on important developments will also follow via social media and other channels. Any faculty-specific measures will be communicated by the faculties.