Course on Chinese tea culture

In December 2023, people could leave their Christmas wishes in the Christmas trees in the Gymnasion. We selected five of these wishes to be realized. One of the selected wishes was from Chen Shen. Her Christmas wish was: “I wish to offer a culture course on Chinese tea and well-being. Tea drinking offers both physical and mental benefits and I would also like to bring the cultural significance of Chinese tea to The Netherlands.”

It's happening! On Thursday 7 March, Chen Shen's course on Chinese tea culture will start. In eight meetings she will teach you everything about the essence of this age-old tea culture. You will discover the history, learn more about the six main tea categories and and get to know the the Gongfu Cha brewing technique. Each 90 minute session combines tea knowledge with Zen principles, guiding you towards tranquility through the art of tea.

About the teacher
Dr. Chen Shen, the owner of Leafy Cha, combines her enthusiasm for tea with her unique insights into the Chinese tea culture. Dedicated to the art of Gongfu Cha (traditional Chinese tea ceremony), Chen's expertise brings a nuanced understanding of the intricate relationship between tea brewing, cultural tradition, and the pursuit of tranquility. More information can be found on

Chinese tea culture is offered as a course in the 4th term. RSC members can register via the website or the RSC app.

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