Icoon met drie personen in een hand
Icoon met drie personen in een hand

Current state Social Safety Programme FSS 2024 – 2025

The faculty is working on an environment that is as socially safe as possible for students and employees. Also thanks to the efforts of the social safety project team, we are seeing more awareness and a cultural change.

Creating the most pleasant study and working environment possible for everyone. That is what we as a faculty stand for. An important condition for such an environment is social safety.

A study and working environment that is as socially safe as possible cannot be organised overnight. Social safety requires awareness from everyone within the faculty, tolerance for each other's views and a cultural change here and there. We are working hard on this.
A social safety project team was formed in 2023, which realises activities and facilities to stimulate awareness and change. We are happy to notice that this is starting to pay off. From our own experience, we see that social safety is taken into account more during conversations and meetings, for example. For instance, department heads know the way to the social safety advisor. Departments are also looking at how they can implement social safety more structurally in interactions between colleagues. A good example of this can be seen in the Communication Science department. Programme director Tibor Bosse says:

"In March, we had a meeting with our department about social safety. During this meeting we were guided by experts and had an open discussion about (desirable and undesirable) behaviour in the workplace based on theorems. Personally, I experience these discussions as very insightful and constructive, although it is of course difficult to estimate whether others feel the same way. That is why it is important that we continue to pay constant attention to this theme."

Our social safety advisor is also happy to help you with questions or issues. We would also like to offer you an overview of other facilities and activities that the project group has realised:

  1. Social Safety Week “Look after each other week”: At the beginning of March we organised an “An eye for each other week” where input was collected and students and employees could talk to each other through conversation cards, workshops and talks from confidential counselors
  2. Intervision programs for managers and teachers with the themes of behavioural dilemmas and behavioural adjustment. Two intervision groups will start in the short term. Are you interested? dianageeraedts [at] ru.nl (Email) the social safety advisor!
  3. Training HR professionals in the field of social safety. In collaboration with the HR division, training has been given to all HR professionals so that they can support their faculties even better
  4. Together with the board and input from the entire university, we create a view of what happens in the event of a report, by evaluating recent experiences, learning from mistakes and translating them into a desired approach. We hope to provide employees with more insight into what is involved during cases
  5. Participation in the Prevent-Care-Cure project to ensure that our plans remain in line with the Radboud-wide plans

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