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RAD privacy & security

Cybersecurity Checklist for Safe Travel

The summer holidays are around the corner. Some of you are probably already hunting for potential holiday destinations, while others prefer to go with the flow. The Cybersecurity Checklist for Safe Travel will help you prepare so that your personal and other data are in any case safe during your holiday.

Cybersecurity Checklist for Safe Travel


  • Delete old or superfluous data from your laptop/phone and don't forget to also empty your downloads folder. In case of theft, there will be less data to steal, and you will be using less storage capacity, i.e. less energy.
  • Back up any important private photos and files.

During your holidays

  • Keep your equipment in a locked safe or room (and don't forget to turn off your laptop).
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks.
    If you plan to stay abroad for a longer period, you might consider temporarily boosting your private phone's data bundle with extra data or add an e-sim to your phone.
  • If you do have to use a public network, make sure you turn on VPN.
    Turn off the 'remember this network' option, and delete your network history regularly. And yes, you can also use eduVPN on your phone.
  • Keep your electronic devices in the shade, and never leave them in a hot car. This prevents dangerous situations such as fire and data loss.

Do you have a work laptop or work phone?

  • If possible, leave your work laptop and phone in a safe place at home.
  • Check the terms and conditions of mobile calls to see what the charges are in your country of destination.
  • Make sure you have the ICT Helpdesk phone number handy. If your work laptop or phone falls in the water, or if you are a victim of theft, please report it to the ICT Helpdesk (Tel. +31 24-36 22222, icthelpdesk [at] ru.nl (icthelpdesk[at]ru[dot]nl)).

Contact information

Want to know what you can do to work safely? Please contact IB-Awareness [at] ru.nl (IB-Awareness[at]ru[dot]nl).