Radboud Sounds - Farida en Liedeke
Radboud Sounds - Farida en Liedeke

Dance as a conversation starter

Should we learn to dance about the things we find difficult to talk about? Dance, for example, can help open a dialogue about a heavy topic like our slavery history. But how does that work? Let dance take you back, and learn how it can help us break the silence. Come watch and listen to Liedeke Plate and Farida Nabibaks and her dancers, and discover how dance can form a basis for a conversation.

20.05 – 20.35 uur | Paarse Zaal  

Talking with your body

Having the conversation about slavery is often complicated. But what if you use not only words, but also physical movement, body language and symbolism? Can dancing enable you to deal with a topic differently?

Engaging with your body can give your head a push to think differently. To explore complex historical events and emotions, and to bridge past and present. Moreover, dance can serve as a way to honor and celebrate the strength and resilience of enslaved people and their descendants, for example.

Farida Nabibaks and her dancers perform a part of their show Margaretha. Afterwards, scholar of cultural studies Liedeke Plate will discuss how dance can open a dialogue.

This programme is in Dutch.

About the speaker and dancer

Farida Nabibaks is a dancer, artistic director of the Reframing HERstory Art Foundation. She studied philosophy at Radboud University. She is also the initiator of the music and dance theatre production Schitterende Schaduw, a triptych of performances depicting Gelderland's colonial and slavery past and its repercussions. The performance Margaretha is one of this triptych, and will be performed by Farida Nabibaks, Yara van Fraeijenhove, Rohiet Tjon Poen Gie, Fernando Linares Correa and Arne Blonski.

Liedeke Plate is professor of Culture and Inclusivity at Radboud University. She researches the relationship between art, culture and inclusion, focusing specifically on literature, gender and cultural memory. Recently, she explored how dance can act as an affective methodology to make feelings and affects surrounding the colonial and slavery past tangible, palpable and discussable. For this, she collaborated with the makers of dance theatre production Schitterende Schaduw, a production about the slavery past in Gelderland.

Radboud Sounds

This program is part of Radboud Sounds. The festival where science meets music with lectures, dance, live music and more on Friday 12 May 2023 in Doornroosje, Nijmegen. Come and celebrate Radboud University’s 100th anniversary. Radboud University scientists from various disciplines shed their light on music and science. Come and listen, dance, enjoy and sharpen your mind on the effect of music. Compose your own program and see the world of music from a different viewpoint.

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