Kunstwerk van 9 wandpanelen die te maken hebben met de neurowetenschap
Kunstwerk van 9 wandpanelen die te maken hebben met de neurowetenschap

“Do we ask as first question”

Last week, the artwork ''Do we ask as first question'' was presented in the colloquium room of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The artwork was created by Frans Huisman on behalf of the Faculty Board. Frans himself is also an alumnus of Radboud University.

The colloquium room is used by various staff members of the faculty. To gain insight into the users' perceptions, Frans asked a number of employees to respond to two questions:

  1. How do you use and what is the importance of imagery in the daily practice of your discipline?
  2. Which art expression or art form has your interest?

The responses to these questions were compiled into a number of keywords and categories.

  1. Narrative structures (history, composition, time/place/space)
  2. Climate change (nature, diversity, behavioural change)
  3. Between tradition and modern (media, pop culture)
  4. Network (connecting, education, Artificial Intelligence)

As a starting point for the development of the artwork, Frans incorporated a sentence from a notebook written by F.C. Donders in 1865. The notes from the notebook contain notes and thoughts that, retrospectively and with today's science, seem to contain all kinds of predictions and research that were later used as building blocks for 'neuroscience'. 

The artist has linked these notes from the past and the answers from the interviews and then put them together in a set of nine unique wall panels. 

For more background on the panels, download the PDF below.

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The artwork was created by Frans Huisman.

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Faculty of Social Sciences