Studenten op de campus
Studenten op de campus

Donation envelopes for equal education opportunities: “Helping hand”

Receiving something that directly helps someone else. That is the intention behind the so-called donation envelopes that will be regularly distributed during events for Law students. It is a sustainability initiative set up by law firm Boels Zanders, through which they wish to contribute to the Radboud Fund. The objective is that students experiencing financial troubles may continue their education.

Studying is not a given; not everyone has the financial resources to start studying or to finish their studies when financial setbacks occur. To this end, law firm Boels Zanders would like to contribute through societal engagement. They hope to help towards this by distributing donation envelopes. On behalf of each student who receives an envelope, Boels Zanders will donate €10 to the Petrus Canisius Fund, a part of the Radboud Fund. This should prevent motivated and talented students from falling through the net due to a lack of financial resources.

According to Fleur Kapiteijn, Business Development & Support Manager at Boels Zanders, this approach is new. “Every academic year, we take part in all sorts of student initiatives,” she explains. “Often, we are asked to contribute towards the goodie bags that are given out during these events. This is a fantastic opportunity for a law firm to present itself. Usually, a material contribution is given—often, something made from plastic. However, in line with our sustainability and societal engagement goals, we decided to give ‘nothing’, in the form of a voucher with the following text: ‘You are almost there, but someone else has a way to go.’”

Kapiteijn explains: “With these vouchers, we hope to make the difference for students who are talented but lacking resources. In this way, we are happy to give a helping hand.”

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