Wifi laptop en telefoon
Wifi laptop en telefoon

Eduroam WiFi network potentially unusable on some devices after update

On Wednesday 14 June, the current Eduroam Wi-Fi network will be updated to keep the use of Wi-Fi on campus secure. The latest version of WiFi adheres to stricter security requirements that Dutch universities have imposed.

After the WiFi network was earlier renewed in the Huygens building, the rest of the buildings on campus will now follow. It is unlikely that you will experience any inconvenience when converting the WiFi, as most phones and laptops will automatically switch to the new version. However, some devices will not be able to connect to Eduroam after the new update. These include phones with an outdated operating system (lower than Android 10 or IOS16) and laptops with an outdated operating system. For laptops, it is important to install the latest Windows updates to avoid these problems. If you still experience problems connecting to the Wi-Fi via your laptop or phone, please contact the ICT helpdesk (open on weekdays from 8.00 am - 5.30 pm).

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