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Email inbox phishing filter to change as from 25 July

As from 25 July, the current email security system Proofpoint will be replaced by Exchange Online Protection (EOP). This new system will safeguard your email account even better against spam and phishing emails. A number of your email account functions will change as a result of this.

At the moment, you regularly receive emails from Proofpoint listing potentially dangerous emails that have been intercepted by safety filters. The new Exchange Online Protection will also regularly send overviews of intercepted emails, but the format of these overviews will be different. The new format will make it easier to find out relevant information about the intercepted emails.

The button to report phishing emails and spam will also look different. The current button in Outlook says “Report”. After the system change, this will say “Report Message”. The function of the button will remain the same.

Gradual transition

This change in email security systems will be implemented gradually from 25 July onwards. Over the summer break, you may temporarily receive emails from both security systems. In addition, you might see both the new and old versions of the reporting button in Outlook. The system change will be completed before the start of the new academic year on 4 September. From this moment on, only the new version will be visible.

Exception science mailbox

Within your @ru.nl mailbox, you can view intercepted e-mails and release them yourself after reviewing them. Employees and students with a science mailbox cannot view or release intercepted e-mails themselves. Please contact the FNWI helpdesk for this.

Contact information

Do you need help? Then please contact the ICT Helpdesk (open on work days from 8.00 until 17.30). 

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