Emergency telephone number 024 36 55555: save it on your phone

Radboud University has its own emergency telephone number: 024 36 55555. Call this number immediately in case of emergencies such as accidents, fires, threatening and unsafe situations, or incidents involving hazardous substances.

The specially trained emergency response team will take the call and make sure help gets to you immediately. This service also coordinates further assistance so any external parties - such as the ambulance service or fire brigade - are attended to and immediately taken to the right location. So in case of incidents on Radboud campus, always call 024 36 55555 instead of 112. Calling 112 can waste precious minutes that might be vital in emergency response.

Always available

The Radboud University emergency number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can dial 55555 from any landline on Radboud campus. The number you need to call from your own phone is 024 36 55555. Since mobile phones are used more often and thinking clearly in emergencies is not always possible, we request you save this number on your phone. Enter +31 24 3655555 if you are using a foreign phone number.

Radboud University emergency number
024 36 55555
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