eScience Center Grant for QANS questionnaire and nomination software

In the social sciences and educational practice, peer nominations are a common and reliable methodology to assess behaviors, relationships, status, and social networks in groups (e.g., classrooms). While peer nomination methods have become completely computerized, existing software programs are expensive and insufficient. Therefore, many researchers have to hire RSEs to program their assessment and pre- and post-process the data. QANS Questionnaire and Nomination Software aims to solve these problems.

Loes Pouwels, Toon Cillessen, Yvonne van den Berg, Sanyogita Khare, Jamie Rhiannon Fehribach, Desi Beckers and Giovanni ten Brink received an E-Science grant to improve the QANS software. Together with research software engineers from E-Science, they will (a) improve QANS’ workflow technologies and software practices, (b) make QANS sustainable and user-friendly, and (c) add functionality for automatic data visualizations and classroom reports.

With this project, they aim to further develop QANS to an integrated and user-friendly version that can be used independently by scientists internationally to create a common data base for meta-analyses, and by a broad range of practitioners (teachers) to assess students’ well-being in school.