Excellent evaluation OO&R in midterm review

To monitor and improve the relevance and quality of its research, the Radboud Business Law Institute (OO&R) has commissioned a voluntary mid-term review covering the years 2020-2022. A peer review committee whose members are Professor H.J. de Kluiver (lawyer and professor at the University of Amsterdam) and Professor A.I.M. van Mierlo (lawyer and professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam and University of Groningen) conducted the assessment in accordance with the Strategy Evaluation Protocol 2020-2027, based on a self-assessment prepared by OO&R and a site visit.

The committee assessed the institute's research on four components: research quality, societal relevance, viability and training of PhD students. The committee rated all components as excellent, the highest possible rating.

The committee was delighted with the quality of the institute's research. OO&R performs outstandingly and has acquired a unique and leading position in the Netherlands. The institute has an inspiring academic culture and a great openness towards social issues and developments. The committee endorses the institute's strategy aimed at strengthening the quality and internationalisation of its research. The research vision propagated by the research centre, which focuses on applicable law and the interaction between theory and practice, enhances the practical and societal value of the research. In addition, the regular consultation between OO&R and its partners leads to fortunate choices in defining research themes, the committee said. The research centre's reputation is undisputed in the circle of peers and policymakers. This is reflected, for instance, in the involvement of OO&R researchers in legislative initiatives and policy preparation.

OO&R is very grateful to the committee for the time it invested in the mid-term review and thanks it for its efforts and recommendations. 

View the mid-term review report below (in Dutch). 

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