Global Knowledge Traditions
Global Knowledge Traditions

Exhibit "Global Knowledge Traditions" in Library of Science

The exhibition "Global Knowledge Traditions" is now open in the Library of Science at FNWI. Manon Lambooij, history student, Tiegan Wilkinson, biology student and Willem Halffman, scientist at FNWI (Institute of Science in Society) selected a selection of books by and about this topic. They also provided accompanying texts and images. The result can be seen in the two display cases in the Library of Science.

In recent years, historians of science have called attention to knowledge traditions around the globe. Traditional history of science focused very much on the European-American sphere, corresponding to the cultural dominance of the “Western world” in the colonial and post-colonial period.

The shift in perspective has shed light on the wealth of knowledge developed by Aztec botanists, astronomers in the Islamic World, African agronomists, or Chinese mathematicians. A global perspective clarifies how these traditions have influenced and learned from each other. It also becomes clear how the Eurocentric perspective has obscured these global roots. With a fresh appraisal, we can show how some of these traditions have been documented by our library’s collection all along.

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The exhibit will be on display through 1 November during opening hours of the Library of Science.

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