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Faculty of Arts broadly represented at InScience Film Festival

International Science Film Festival Nijmegen (12 - 17 March 2024) is one of the largest international science film festivals in Europe. This year's theme is language. That means the programme is packed with linguistics, poetry connoisseurs, rhetoric experts and even some students from the Faculty of Arts. Below you will find all contributions from our faculty, so you don't have to miss a thing!

Stand-up Science

A stage, a microphone and a bunch of inspiring mini-lectures, demonstrations and workshops. Come to LUX Café on Saturday and Sunday afternoon and grab a wireless headphone to listen to Stand-up Science. The following Faculty of Arts staff will update you on their expertise in 20 minutes:

Talking to aliens

Alien ships arrive on Earth. Will they arrive in peace? A linguist is summoned by the military to make contact with the aliens. That is the plot of Denis Villeneuve's film Arrival.

If anyone can decipher unknown languages it is Peruvian linguist and 'hyperpolyglot' Luis Miguel Rojas Berscia - who once spoke 18 languages but stopped counting. Everywhere he goes, he researches the grammar and structures of the local language and writes them down so they are not lost. After the screening of the film Arrival, Rojas Berscia will talk about how he does that and to what extent languages affect how you see the world. Or is the language you speak actually a reflection of your worldview?  


Kletskoppen screens ET

There is also a programme for children. Together with the language scientists of Kletskoppen, you can indulge in everything to do with language from 2 pm on Saturday afternoon. Children's language festival Kletskoppen takes over the Mariënburg Library and takes you to all the nooks and crannies of our language. Admission is free.

After the workshops, you can roll straight into the cinema because after the workshops, the classic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial will be screened.


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